Monday, July 1, 2013

Dr. Helen's Next Book Should Be On Male Backstabbing

"It’s interesting the way most of the media has rallied to defend [Alec] Baldwin even as they rallied to destroy Paula Deen"
But, but - BUT - Reynolds doesn't seem to grasp he (as part of "the media") shouldn't be trying to destroy either one for talking:

See, he wrote that statement while linking to an article by Jim Treacher, attacking Baldwin, like Treacher and Reynolds are liberals ("that racist, misogynist homophobe Alec Baldwin.") 

Tell me - is that irony, hypocrisy, or just a Baldwin-hating fad? Really, please, help me: 

 I'm not as "educated" as these guys,....


  1. Well, Baldwin is a bloated asshole, so no pity for him (and I'm not a fan of Paula Deen either -- she and her food never did anything for me), but he (and she) can say whatever they want. Deen's probably less noxious as Baldwin (because to the best of my knowledge, she doesn't act like a bloated asshole, and I don't know if she directly insulted anyone), but I could really care less what they say (and whoever got slammed by Baldwin should have punched back; come on, it isn't as though there isn't plenty of ammo against him).

    And that's the problem: most of these "conservative" bloggers are some strange hybrid hippie dippie liberal/"tough guy" short, they aren't conservatives; I'm convinced at least half of their readership aren't conservatives; and it probably should come as no surprise that they don't act like conservatives. They're just liberals who play for Team Red rather than Team Blue...and care more for their fantasy football political teams, and themselves (especially that), than this country.


  2. I do not freak out if someone says something offensive (big fucking deal). Baldwin however is a bloviating douchebag and to point out his hypocrisy is fair game.

    Deen just learned the hard way that being a Democrat and Obama supporter is no defense when they need a sacrifice to the PC god. And under Lefty Bus she went, thump thump!