Friday, July 12, 2013

Jen (I Never Wondered Why She Couldn't Keep A Man,...)

This is the NewAge cultist, Jennifer Aniston.

This is the NewAge cultist, Jennifer Aniston, showing off her markings from cupping.

This is how the NewAge cultist, Jennifer Aniston's back looked, while cupping.

Any questions?


  1. What. The. Fuck!?

    For the record, she may be a batshit NewAge knucklehead, but she still looks hot as hell.

  2. Yes, but you have to admit: she'd be a lot more hot if she wasn't a batshit knucklehead. Kinda like how I see Brad Pitt: first look -- damn! he's good lookin'; second look -- damn, too bad he's stupid, I'm starting to see the flaws in his physical facade.

    Intelligence/wit/character makes up for a lot of so called physical imperfections, and vice versa too. Or as I used to tell my classes: why do you all drool over Brittany Spears and George Clooney? They're vapid, they're bland; they'd probably be horrible lovers and tedious spouses. Why do we let ourselves get sold on this stuff? (which has been proven correct -- those two, and Jen and Brad are freaking trainwrecks in the relationship department)