Monday, July 15, 2013

Killer Mike & El P (Making The Atheists Sit Up & Listen)

Hidden within El Producto's 1st verse of the new song, "Sea Legs," a NewAge critique:
"This city just screams black magic, 
and the threat to my heart got traction 
Maybe should've never started this path 
Every time I get a chance to advance it's backwards,..."

That sounds about right. Within the 2nd verse of the same song, featuring Killer Mike:
"People praying to the gods 
but the gods ain't even listening 
Don't matter if you're Muslim, Hebrew, Christian 
When death runs in the distance 
there will be no Mercy me's 
There will be no reprieve for the thieves 
There will be no respect for The Thrones 
No master mastered these bones,..."

All lyrics from their new album Run The Jewels - here's El P, within the title cut's 3rd verse:

"And the crowd chants "Get that paper!" 
And the mob says "Kill that witch!" 
This city get mad to the max 
Better wave bye-de bye to the high scrapes, kids 
Get a tin foil hat for the rain, 
In Hot water from the roof to the basement 
I'mma smoke 'til the planet erases 
Build a white flag out of Zig Zags, wave it"

O.K., I didn't claim to understand everything they're getting at, but it's BOOMIN',...

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