Wednesday, July 10, 2013

$ee, If You've Got Al Gore Working On The BIG $cam,...

C'mon, My Homies In Crime, let's talk about how The Real Dawgs roll: 

 How much $money$ do you think your buddies made, Ann and Glenn, by imploring people for years to "stock up!" based on the fear drummed up from their totally-over hyped lightbulb Y2K nonsense?
"The House on Wednesday voted to block the enforcement of light bulb standards that many say would effectively force people to buy more expensive compact fluorescent bulbs."

However much it is, Ann's forgotten already,... 


  1. Maybe not huge riches...but I bet they made a little something something (which is better than the folks who bought into their marketing schtick, who gave it out).
    It's like all those ads for MREs that you see on some sites -- they usually have something in the tag line about "are you and your family prepared?". Or the "buy gold!" scam of the last few years (and it was a huge scam) -- or: yet another reason why I can't stand Glenn Beck or the gold bug types (among others)....when did they start making their pitch? Why now?


    *of course, if people were foolish enough to be stampeded by these fine folks, then, well...

  2. So yeah, they aren't any better than your common street pusher...except the street pusher might actually be more honest with his/her clientele. I mean, you can't really scare anybody into buying crack or meth with fears of doomsday apocalypse if they don't buy it -- so there's that.


  3. Nobody saw the House doing this, either.

  4. Both those bloggers were against banning incandescents, even if still making money off sales of the alternatives. They weren't the ones lying, or forcing anyone to buy. I don't blame The Macho Response for new age bullshit, and I'm glad if money is made here from it, which it is.