Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eat Sky Cake ("What We're Really Good At Is Bullshit")

So, according to the new rules, I am easily one of the biggest criminals in America:
Apparently, racist, sexist or homophobic words themselves do not necessarily earn any rebuke. Nor is the race or gender of the speaker always a clue to the degree of outrage that follows. Instead, the perceived ideology of the perpetrator is what matters most. Maher and Letterman, being good liberals, could hardly be crude sexists. But when the conservative Limbaugh uses similar terms, it must be a window into his dark heart. It's apparently OK for whites or blacks to slur conservative Clarence Thomas in racist terms. Saying anything similar of the late liberal Justice Thurgood Marshall would have been blasphemous. In short, we are dealing not with actual word crimes, but with supposed thought crimes.

 Right. Attacking someone for swearing is just an easy-in for the so-called high-tech lynchers, a good cover for what they're attempting to do - shut down debate. If they can immediately seize on how something is said, there's a good chance no one will focus on what the point is. The argument becomes whether or not someone is a misogynist, misandrist (it's funny that spell-check doesn't know that word) or racist, rather than whether the accusers are wrong in the main. A diversionary tactic, it's low as Hell, but effective when used quickly. 

 Personally, I don't know an America without swearing, nor do I want one. From the cacophonous family that finally opens a thesaurus for a change, to the suburban mom snapping out her first "Damn!" that sends everyone else into self-recriminations, it's been there. And fuck you if you didn't hear it. Kidding.

Voltaire, on his deathbed, was asked to renounce Satan and embrace God. He declined, saying this was “no time to be making new enemies.” 
Better to be miserable than a hypocrite, nauseated than naive — and far better to be morose than a fool.

Swear. Swear all-the-time. It's American,...


  1. Meanwhile I suppose I should give these jackasses props for being more honest than they probably meant to be (and I'll also give odds on some women being too damn indoctrinated/dumb/ignorant/shallow to "get it"...which probably has a lot to do with both the jackasses and the dumb broads trying to be "hip" in some way).


  2. Damn, forgot my link (which was stupid of me):