Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Post Isn't About Why Home Schooling's So Needed

Dude, your KKK Mom's been listening to too much Public Enemy:

I'm not saying she's wrong, just - being a KKK Mom - I thought she'd be of a different opinion.

And you know what? See those records behind P.E. in this clip? For those of you waiting for my new shit, here's some of my record collection (newly recovered) as you enter my creative domain:

The Future KKK Moms Of America are going to go nuts!
Or go for my nuts.

You know what?

Between talking to a KKK kid about racist moms, rap music, and hinting at sex, feminism, and the importance of great record collections to creating great music, I've forgotten why I did this post.

It was supposed to be about men and values vs. women's skewed loyalties or something.

But thinking of what white women do before wanting their "independence" made me too horny.

I figure - Wise Ol' Owl that a KKK Mom surely is - she'll get to all that eventually,...