Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Post Isn't About Why Home Schooling's So Needed

Dude, your KKK Mom's been listening to too much Public Enemy:

I'm not saying she's wrong, just - being a KKK Mom - I thought she'd be of a different opinion.

And you know what? See those records behind P.E. in this clip? For those of you waiting for my new shit, here's some of my record collection (newly recovered) as you enter my creative domain:

The Future KKK Moms Of America are going to go nuts!
Or go for my nuts.

You know what?

Between talking to a KKK kid about racist moms, rap music, and hinting at sex, feminism, and the importance of great record collections to creating great music, I've forgotten why I did this post.

It was supposed to be about men and values vs. women's skewed loyalties or something.

But thinking of what white women do before wanting their "independence" made me too horny.

I figure - Wise Ol' Owl that a KKK Mom surely is - she'll get to all that eventually,...


  1. Impressive collection, what all do you have?
    And by the way, thanks a lot. That clip with the kid just gave me flashbacks to the crazy Mormons that used to live next to me -- who home schooled...and had some interesting behaviors around people on the outside...and the blasted cookies. What's up with these homeschooling moms and shoving cookies down their kids? That Mormon lady was fixing cookies every blasted day (and I hated the few times I babysat her kid, because it was always a fight with him to eat his dinner, which he conveniently always got left for, and demanding cookies) -- she said that was how she set up his school lessons (kid didn't know his alphabet completely at age 6, but he could sure tell you about Mormon things, and how he had to have cookies)...oh, and to tie it in with the Whole Foods crap: she was constantly on some new herbal remedy or diet, which she had to push. I especially enjoyed watching her eat 3 pieces of my fried chicken coming over to pick up her kid...and peeling the breading off it first because it was "fattening and really not good for you" -- which is really a big shame on me for handing it over, knowing full well what would likely happen, and is also probably a big reason why I'm not as polite and civil as I used to be). Sorry for the rambling...just...the flashback.


  2. "Impressive collection, what all do you have?"

    Everything - from Aalon to whoever follows Zappa. Over 3,000 albums, then comes countless CDs, cassettes, digital tapes, and around 30,000 .mp3s (so far). I also run television and radio through my system for up-to-the-minute, on-the-fly recording.

    Anybody who tears the skin off fried chicken deserves to die,...

  3. Sweet (on the collection) -- it would be fun to flip through.

    Well, maybe not die, but definitely have their head examined, won't mention what she did to my lasagna(she switched from that Atkin's phase to juice or something...poor thing, should have just eaten the blasted fried chicken skin and all, enjoyed it, and maybe she could have lost weight in a more sensible fashion if that's what she wanted to do).