Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Ann Must NEVER Do Is Admit When She's Wrong

"Those who buy nothing through the Amazon portal make no impression,..."
- Ann Althouse, revealing her true nature

Is this cultish thinking, exemplified, or what? 

People spend years listening to what they think is an enlightened master, only to discover:
"...The ultimate secret is that there is no secret."

There never was an Althouse comment "community" (despite years of "I love you guys!" messaging) but - ultimately - only the build-up to a magic Amazon portal (Ann's vagina) where, if you didn't pay/couldn't afford to pay/didn't need to pay, you "make no impression,..." so fuck off. 

NewAge never changes:
"A cynical invention and a fraud. An aspirant progressed through grades only to discover that the spiritual elements were a smokescreen. In this way he was inducted into a nihilistic and anarchistic philosophy that appealed to the candidate’s worst instincts. [The guru] gleefully anticipated tearing down, destroying civilization, not to set people free but for the pleasure of imposing his will upon others."

I've seen it a billion times before:

A NewAger "on the path" merely because it's so well worn,...


  1. Considering the Amazon thing was pushed sporadically, I'd say the thesis has a hole in it.

    Not that there isn't some truth there at the end.

  2. Meade should fire up his blog again. Then he could be approved as a commentator and he and Ann could have a Charlie McCarthy act.

    Or maybe Lamb Chops.

  3. I think when the Nutty Perfessor has her hand shoved up Meade's butt it should stay a private thing. It is none of our business.

  4. All of it reminds me a bit of this guy and his gal (or at least I've been picking up whiffs of it for quite some time now -- right down to the Alfie-esque sidekick):

    That sort of stuff is rampant in the world I come from -- bloggers ain't got nuthin' on horse folks.

    And once again, I will at least say that horse trainers have a living to make -- they don't get/keep clients, they don't get to stay trainers/they don't eat -- so at least they have an honest reason for trying to hawk the goods...which does not seem to be the case with some of these bloggers (I mean, I'm pretty sure a law prof has a steady source of income and doesn't have to worry about paying the electric bill).


  5. Jesus, PW, that's scary.

    I can't say I'm surprised, but wow.

  6. So are you now the official Ann Althouse stalker's blog?


    This blog sucks underwater on wheat toast. All you fucking natter about is Ann Goddamned Althouse. Delusiondamage should fucking drop you for that reason alone!

  7. Welcome to my world ;)

    It's a pretty much long standing thing in the horse world (probably because of the necessities of the game: an instructor has a rider's life, and the horse's in their hands to a certain extent) -- that sort of power can really bring out the wackos/sickos/freakos and their acolytes and always has (on the flip side it can turn out some very upright, realistic, tough in a good way people). Those two are just sort of a symptom of what happens when that age old possiblity gets a boost from New Age goofiness.
    If anything, operating in that world since, oh, the cradle, and dealing with all points in between the good and the wacky-bad, can give you some antennae (and a bit of a jaded personality of course).


    I've got a trainer buddy who we constantly tease about getting her tickets to one of their "training" symposiums -- but we want videotape (it would be epic). So far she won't bite (other than "screw you guys; you just want to see me in trouble"). LOL!

  8. Anon,

    I've got 5 posts up, so far today, and three are about the controversy 4 of the 6 commenters on this thread are engaged in. I'm not done. They all have blogs, too. Talking about Ann. Considering the decidedly male bent of Delusiondamage, I'd be surprised if the online self-destruction of a formally-popular feminist law professor wasn't of *some* interest. Granted, not as much as to those of us directly engaged in the drama, but some.

    Lastly, this will pass. But until it does, yes, I'm determined to blog about it.

    Althouse is a part of TMR's history now, YMMV.

  9. Crack, the crazy "Anon" is either Meade or Inge.

  10. Not that I possess any kind of super human prescience/foresight, but I had Ms. Althouse marked as a PHONY after my first few visits to her blog.

    The commenters were what made that site interesting: you (TMR), Trooper York, etc., etc.

    Sorry if it causes chafing, but sometimes you really do need to know but a scant few things about someone to get a good overall impression of them, and for me, Althouse's unyielding defenses of her 2008 vote for the clown occupying the White House were all I needed to read to 'mark' her.
    She 'talks' a nice game, but she's what I call "a leftist in libertarian drag".