Saturday, July 13, 2013

If Ever There Was A Story For The Bloggers At "Hot Air"

I'm sorry - I swear I am - but Ann Althouse's cognitive dissonance is so good, at kicking her in the va-jay-jay, it just can't be helped:
"Any other animal indulging in our kind of see-what-you-want-to-see perceptions would have gone extinct long ago."

 A delusional feminist blog's last peals. 

And, have you noticed, one of Glenn Reynolds' top bloggers is engaged in an existential crisis with her commenters - Ann's even taking on the Instapundit and his wife - but there's hardly a peep from anyone who thought Ann was pretty hot shit during the Scott Walker election. I'd think Wisconsin's top blogger, losing her flock over an online freak-out, would be online news, wouldn't you? A bunch of mostly conservatives, but with many liberals, too - of all genders - rise up, and tell their liberal feminist host she's full of shit, and Stacey McCain ain't on it?

I'm thinking it's time to remedy that,...