Saturday, July 13, 2013

If Ever There Was A Story For The Bloggers At "Hot Air"

I'm sorry - I swear I am - but Ann Althouse's cognitive dissonance is so good, at kicking her in the va-jay-jay, it just can't be helped:
"Any other animal indulging in our kind of see-what-you-want-to-see perceptions would have gone extinct long ago."

 A delusional feminist blog's last peals. 

And, have you noticed, one of Glenn Reynolds' top bloggers is engaged in an existential crisis with her commenters - Ann's even taking on the Instapundit and his wife - but there's hardly a peep from anyone who thought Ann was pretty hot shit during the Scott Walker election. I'd think Wisconsin's top blogger, losing her flock over an online freak-out, would be online news, wouldn't you? A bunch of mostly conservatives, but with many liberals, too - of all genders - rise up, and tell their liberal feminist host she's full of shit, and Stacey McCain ain't on it?

I'm thinking it's time to remedy that,...


  1. Hmmmm....not me. I'm thinking about the titties and the upward pull from behind the ears

    Oh, wait! Maybe I've lost the thread of this post.

    Nah. I'm stickin' with the titties.

  2. "Any other animal indulging in our kind of see-what-you-want-to-see perceptions would have gone extinct long ago."

    What the fuck does that even mean? Do leftists love to vacillate linguistically like this just to make themselves appear to be intelligent when I can see that trail of giant elephant shit she's leaving behind?

  3. I do not expect many on the right to notice this, at least not publicly. I suspect many do not trust Ann (as the Reason article showed some have seen her in action) but there is nothing to be gained by commenting on it. I am sure they are privately taking note of it, but that is all they are going to do. I would be surprised if it is all make up and forget, however, with Reynolds and Althouse.

    I am surprised the lefty bloggers have not followed it and done they little harpy dances. But it is the sort of dispute that may not yet be on their radar or that they would not understand. People did not know what to make of Chunky Boo Boo Johnson's prolonged melt downs at first. And even today, most on the left do not just CJ. Why would they? He has shown he cannot be trusted.

  4. LGF is a pandora's box of evil. If you want to understand how the evil mind of leftists work, go there and have a good time getting a daily dose of insanity with a sprinkling of psychopathy.

  5. Methadras, Chunky Boo Boo drove all the good commentators away and kept the absolute dregs at his site.

    Does history repeat?

  6. It is kind of interesting that no one in the blogosphere has taken official notice of the meltdown.

  7. My take: some of them could care less because they never liked her; some won't touch it with a ten foot pole because of their own little nagging problems; and probably quite a few are sitting back, wondering how this will benefit them (because quite a lot of those suckers are in this for the shot at something bigger...they don't care nor believe in half of what they write -- it's just to get a score or two, and as such, is a dog eat dog world...dirty laundry and all that).

    Which of course makes this sort of thing interesting from another standpoint imhao.