Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Know How You Do Things Alone? (Being Left Alone)

I'm only posting this because I've been thinking of MLK's "Letter From A Birmingham Jail" a lot, recently, because it's the ultimate evidence behind two facts: 

1) The American Civil Rights Movement was a wholly-owned black phenomena. It was started by blacks, sustained by blacks, and finished by blacks with, eventually, the rest of America. The hippies jumped on a train that was already moving and called it theirs. That lie set the stage for the current bullshit I'm hearing.

 2) MLK was writing from jail, wrongly-arrested, and under death threats that repeatedly found their mark in the movement - eventually claiming MLK himself. Any comparison to the disgruntled "gay" marriage phenomena is laughable. Tell me: 

 What part of The American Civil Rights Movement had commentators discussing how fast things turned around, as they're now celebrating for gays? 

Hell, when it comes to blacks, they can't even say for sure if the job's done and I'm supposed to move on to someone else's concerns over my own?

Where are gays when it comes to insuring black success in this country?

Anybody seen the PRIDE parade front-and-center for direct action on that subject?

Has the gay community done anything about San Francisco's rarely-mentioned black ghetto, BayView-Hunter's Point?

Gays aren't even fair to gay blacks in San Francisco's Castro District, so who are they trying to fool?


The bullshit Will & Grace We'll Progress Lying Under A Cloud Of Euphemism Crowd.

Shit, blacks never played that deceptive game, either. 

 These cups really need to stop bullshitting everybody: 

 That's what's getting on my nerves,...

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