Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Finally, somewhere, now:
CLAIMS made on the Society of Homeopaths website that controversial therapies could treat conditions such as arthritis and hayfever have been banned in a landmark ruling by advertising watchdogs. 
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has had a remit since 2011 to investigate claims made online, and the organisation said it had a large number of complaints relating to claims on homeopathy websites. 
It chose to investigate the website of industry body the Society of Homeopaths as a test case “to establish our lead position on claims for homeopathy”. 
The authority also looked at the body’s Twitter page, which included the tweet: “Antidepressant prescriptions up by 43 per cent. For more holistic healthcare which doesn’t rely on drugs try #homeopathy”, with a link to the home page. 
The ASA found that all of the claims investigated were misleading and breached guidelines on health advertising.
All of them. Because it's water. And it's taken 200+ years for Scotland - fucking Scotland - to finally end the charade. Because of the lying. Not the pseudoscience. The lying. 

 And you simply can't have a NewAge culture without that,...

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