Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blacks Don't Come From No Slavic Countries: It's Weird

White guys aren't always currently appearing as credible as they think

Hot Air's Noah Rothman, like a lot of white guys, is feeling frustrated - racially - and knows exactly where to lay the blame for it:

Minorities have learned from watching closely

Observing what Rothman seems to have conveniently forgotten - "history is written by the victors" and Republicans don't appear poised to attain that mantle soon - his weak tea-railing against "liberal pundits" makes sense (and don't forget "the country’s first African-American president and those loyal to him") though it doesn't go down well. 

Rand Paul has a death grip - on the Right - but his mind tricks leave a lot to be desired

For instance, Democrats haven't been the party repeatedly declaring, in public, they have a racial problem that needs fixing, and then, just as often - and just as openly - declining every serious opportunity to do so. Does Rothman think people don't notice?

Michelle Malkin's work appears to be modeled on exploiting this woman

So, how is it Dems who are "acting in ways which harm race relations," once it's acknowledged there's obviously been opposition on the Right - or an unwillingness - and the Right makes up a good deal of Hot Air's readership?

A picture of blacks "starting trouble" in the modern era

And doesn't the fact that we only have a "first" African-American president in 2014 mean "those loyal to" him were already fighting that same racial problem that existed amongst conservatives before Obama came into office - 238 years after America declared "All Men Are Created Equal"? If so, if it already existed, how can it now be said they've "sought" it?

Michael Jackson looked white, lived on a ranch, and screamed when trapped, too.

Of course, Rothman knows all this, beginning his next paragraph with the words "that is not to say that Republicans do not have empirical problems appealing to minorities, and some of those problems are of their own making." Oh, they be "empirical" alright - and make a farce of Rothman's further claim that blacks are "reflexively opposed" to them - because no Republican "problems of their own making" can be laid at the feet of anyone else.

Mix a little McCain into Marco Rubio, add a dash of Ted Cruz OR Rand Paul - what do you get?

No, contextually, the truly "reprehensible feature" of our politics in The Information Age is how long it's taking America's former exclusive power brokers to mature - racially - because "the country’s first African-American president and those loyal to him" are still being forced to watch (and endure the results of) conservative's every further projection, distortion, and apocalyptic vision of (and from) losing influence. They're taking it out on us. This is one of white culture's "cultural problems":

Whites denied this was happening for a hundred years. so they DO deny things

Their utter (and long-standing) obliviousness to the often-violent predicament they've made - Rothman quotes The Republican National Committee's 2013 racial “autopsy” report - see if you can spot what's wrong:
"If Hispanic Americans perceive that a GOP nominee or candidate does not want them in the United States (i.e., self-deportation), they will not pay attention to our next sentence. It does not matter what we say about education, jobs, or the economy; if Hispanics think we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies."

The jury's still out on whether "educated" whites prioritize well

TMR immediately sees two things:

 1) Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was correct in his assessment of it, as being a hypocritically racist way to try and appear non-racist, and 2) whites still haven't figured blacks could rightfully "close their ears" to them, and did so a long time ago, as well? 

Regularly putting black men in dresses has never helped

Seriously, blacks have been made to feel like the white race "does not want them in the United States" for anything but slavery since 1609, but whites still suggest today - rather than themselves changing behavior - we should leave for Africa if we're not happy. But, at the same time, we now see Republicans openly saying (and actually alarmed in a way they'd never be for black Americans) they recognize Hispanics have the potential to ignore what whites think and say if mistreated. It's no insult to be the source of their frustrations.

"Dumb" and "lazy" have always been a matter of perspective, too, in America

After all this time, it's really a confession, and kinda sad really:

A people, and their party, still not grasping how things change,...

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