Saturday, November 1, 2014

Liars: Protecting White Men Is What White Women Do

Why white women would want to discuss white supremacy's rape culture is a mystery

Caught - can I get a witness?

Slate's Dee Lockett wrote those words on the same day we got a video of two white cops joking about rape - coinkidink? 

Lectures from white women - on feminism - lack credibility

Not if you understand America, a country whites have lied to themselves about since the days when white men openly took their wives, and anyone else's, "on the side." 

Trying to gain some dignity after being clowned for centuries

(Don't tell anyone, but white men's dicks only went limp for black women in the 70s, once Black Power entered the culture.) 

Money, at any cost, is the only unshakeable bond whites truly share

Once you understand American culture, and history, whites editing white men out of that catcalling video makes sense:

The only truth we know is the look in white's eyes

American white women are still trying to protect white men from the evil they've done - and represent - by attacking black men.

With this cultural background, what else could be expected?

Along with white's selective-editing skills, how else can we explain Ann Althouse's unprovoked attack on the president recently? 

Whites and deception have made Drudge famous and powerful - why not Ann?

It's not like Althouse is known for telling the truth - like Matt Drudge, she pushes propaganda. 

Only your friends will tell you - kick them away for it

One of her commenters recently summed up her blog - which Ann proudly repeated in a post - and here are the words that appeared:

Liberal, fool, cock-tease, manipulation, deception, disloyalty, calculating, victim, unusual, smooth-talking, prissy, mealy-mouthed, iffy, misguided, provacateur, and flirt.

Maintaining a web of lies is obviously tiring work

Please notice, not a single word like "accurate" or "honest" ever made an appearance - and this was from one of Ann's fans. 

When whites tell the truth it IS illuminating

Deception is her - and white people's - game. 

Shut up - we're trying to build a society here!

This is why whites on Althouse go ballistic whenever history is mentioned - orienting whites in the truth condemns them, so whites are trying to eliminate both from public discourse. 

They can't stop the signal

Whites - as America's ultimate predators? 

Be on the look-out for a lying bitch

Only if American history begin with Tawana Brawley, right?

There is no black version of this item for a reason.

But, as Althouse proves, white women are as guilty as white men for what's become of this nation and it's people. 

What does one do - when all the "good parts" are taken?

As black women have been making clear on Twitter, white women don't share our vision (as, still, one of our nation's most privileged groups) because white women can and will abandon blacks whenever it suits them (just as Althouse is preparing to vote for Scott Walker, a man with no black support, who openly surrounds himself with racists). 

I'll sell blacks out if you want me to

White's collective untrustworthiness, especially to MLK's dream, is what white NewAgers mean when they say "it's all connected." 

Explain to her how awful black men are compared to whites

It's a trap. 

White history class on the TV

White's aim is not reconciliation, nor rational thought, nor anything real to build a nation on.

Working together, whites have destroyed any black they want

White lies - starting with George Washington never told one - that's what whites work for.

White women's feminism only truly started when black's slavery ended

It determines their profit margin.

All they need is an opportunity to betray - and they betray

But, of course, don't expect them to admit it,...

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