Sunday, July 12, 2009

Y.O.G.A.: You Oughtta Get Away

Mention yoga as a cult to most enthusiasts and they'll give you some bullshit about it being exercise, nothing more. But, when the government recently wanted to regulate yoga studios like any other business, all of a sudden people started talking about religious exemptions, and "enlightenment", giving the whole ugly mind game that occurs in these cult recruiting centers away. I mean, what kind of enlightenment do they think they're actually getting anyway, considering they're so vain - and wasteful with their money?

“People buy $1,000 pants to sweat in because while they’re getting enlightened they need to look good. Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, yoga is an industry. One need only leaf through the advertising section of Yoga Journal to know that.”

-- Sybil Killian, general manager for Manhattan's OM Yoga Center

Stupid, stupid, stupid. In a recession, is it any wonder this country is going broke with such a large population of useful idiots in it?

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  1. Can you do yoga stretches without partaking of yoga religious goals? That is the relevant question. The answer is probably no. The teachers of yoga are not shy about its goal. The yoga stretches and postures are used to infill one with the demons one will need to reach enlightenment.Not that there is any thing wrong with using evil spiritual power.