Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bill Says Everything - Except "The Right Doesn't Listen"

Dear Bill,

I'm your conservative who didn't vote, and - like the 3 million other Republicans who stayed home on Election Day 2012 - I take full responsibility for not doing so. What do you and yours at Instapundit, Pajamas Media, Hot Air, etc. - who marginalized, dismissed, and ridiculed, anyone who spoke of a desire for reason, integrity, and ethics on our side - take responsibility for? I can give you a hint for your next Afterburner:

Most of the loss following that collective ugly behavior.

And please begin by explaining how a guy, who follows the teachings of a convicted con man, who said Jesus will rule from Missouri, who apparently never did anything for anyone outside of his "church" (which you guys always called "charity") and who claimed, before unquestioning conservative journalists, three Mormon cranks discovered cold fusion - but their work just "hasn't been duplicated yet" - wasn't so weird he couldn't help but make his supporters appear so as well.

It would also be nice if you might want to follow that with a discourse on how - after Rev. Wright, Obama's purchase of a home, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers, how Obama's parents met, etc. - "our" candidate could get away with declaring he'll determine which topics are "off-limits" for the voters to discuss (and, if they do, they're "bigots."). 

You've always been a smart guy, Bill, so face facts:

You screwed the pooch - now own it,....


  1. No dude....look at Bill's face. He is defeated, and he is right. The Great American Experiment in Individual Liberty is over, and we will now witness the collapse, and you are in some small part responsible. I get your problems with Romney and Mormonism (how that's any wackier that Trinity and BLT escapes me, but that's another issue) but the choice was clear--Hope and Change, or the express elevator to Greece. I get it, I do. Principles matter. Even if it means everything ends.

    Bill is in mourning, as am I, for the great potential we had, and how the mighty have fallen. We put men on the moon and built the Panama Canal, and won two world wars; and now we vote in fear vaginas will be outsourced to China. We've become lame, weak, pretenders to something who believe it is our right to have it. We've traded Phyllis Hyman for Snookie, DJ Yella for The Situation, The Roots for The Jersey Shore.

    It's game, set, match. The rats have won and now it's all pushing deck chairs around on the Titanic.

    You keep raving though. You'll be screaming into the wind in the wilderness, but it'll still be breath of fresh air.

  2. How much more defeated would America be if Mitt had won, and you would have been forced into the chains of hypocrisy (and possibly more -- his policy was not all that different from Obama's, on top of which there was a great possibility that the Mormon church would have been the true power behind the Oval Office chair...something that not many considered the implications of).
    So just how less defeated are we really? Do you honestly believe that Mitt Romney would have delivered (or even helped to deliver) America into some mythical new Golden Age (there having really been no old Golden Age to begin with)?

    I take a lot of solace in the reports that the turn out numbers for both sides was down -- perhaps there are still some Americans who do not buy the bullshit...may their numbers grow!

    It was an acquiescence to a revolting lack of principles (and even a celebration of it -- exhibit A the Republican Nat'l convention; exhibit B the Democrat NC) that caused us to get in our sorry state; if even one person is left that says "no" to this, then this is no "end"...if more people catch on to the idea of saying "no" then there is hope for a new beginning.
    Perhaps you should try it friend; you might like it (I say this seriously and with all the goodwill I have in me...just give it a try).


  3. Wanna know how Democrats won? They spent time with behavioral scientists, crafted a scrip for old fashioned door to door solicitation, and carefully motivated their base.

    And I do not disagree that the GOP failed to motivate voters. You stayed home because Mitt is a Mormon. Well, you won't have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore, even though the more Nixonian character (and by Nixonian I am referring to Nixon's bad character flaws, not his strengths) is currently in the White House.

    Obama can own this mess. I just hope Boehner can grow a set and be a true opposition party standing up for conservative values.

  4. I refused to vote for Mitt because he is an incredibly unethical, delusional, and power hungry man who is far too influenced by an unethical, delusional, and power hungry cult.

    The Democrats didn't exactly win this one (look at the poll results); the Republicans lost it. And yes, you should be thankful that now there is a chance that the Democrats can own this insanity which is largely theirs to begin with (but I would strongly advise that Republicans take a good look at them and then a good look at themselves and think long and hard...they are starting to become the thing they are supposed to be against).

    As for the Nixonian stuff -- both are and you know it. Take a good look at what has happened to the party of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan...even W and even McCain...and then take a good look at all this butthurt over freaking Mitt Romney (and what he really did stand for and who were the ones on their knees for them). And these people call themselves Republicans? They look and act more like good ol' boys of the Bubba Clinton and pals stripe -- no, that is most definitely NOT a complement!