Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lincoln, Lincoln, I've Been Thinkin',....Part II

Unlike the Republican Party, if I had to sum up one of TMR's messages, it might go, "Try to have a little integrity, using facts and reason as your guide." Pretty simple stuff - doesn't require any special tools or training - just don't pick a fight with reality and you can be a pretty good person. Decent message, doesn't work.

For instance, during the last election, I wrote this on the Althouse blog:
Who will win? I don't know - they're both lame - but Romney has an uphill battle, because his nomination kicked me out of the voting booth, and I can't be the only one. 

I'm mulling over how much I despise ObamaCare - to see if it's worth compromising my values on cultism - but I doubt it:

The Right has simply "screwed the pooch" this time,...
Now - reality check - in light of the results, "screwed the pooch" seems pretty on-point, right-right? A little vague, but everything lined up pretty nice there. So much that, I'd think, post-election, there would be little anyone can argue with me about (I don't consider asking about cultism arguing,...) Hell, in a fair world, some might even search a black conservative Republican out to ask what went wrong - but no. I may be right, but I'm not a good person, in fact I'm crazy:

Re: Crack - he's crazy. I'll bet he's a swell guy IRL (in fact I think I met him back in the 80s, if he was in the Beatnigs at that time) but he's still crazy. Batshit, foaming-at-the-mouth, off-his-fucking-rocker crazy. If you disagree with him, you're his enemy or, at very least, one of the brain-dead masses who voluntarily dopes themselves up, rendering pure comprehension of the Gospel According To Crack Emcee incomprehensible. 

And for the record, I haven't seen anyone else who refused to vote, either. I figure, since we don't passively accept anything they say, we must all be crazy - though Robert Stacy McCain couldn't wait to see my take on Demi Moore and Deepak Chopra. (Maybe they just don't need reality in politics.) Pish-Posh:

At the beginning of Lincoln, after the opening battle scene, he's chatting with four soldiers - but one of these things is not like the others. He's not in awe of the president but sees him as an impediment to his innate freedom. And, since he's got a chance to speak to the leader man-to-man, he takes it.

Then afterwards, once satisfied he got his message across, this thoroughly modern black man saunters away.

Lincoln stares after him curiously, pondering our direction and future, prepared to do what's right.

That's not today's G.O.P.,... 


  1. Crack, at least as you put it here it was a value judgement. I do think you were correct, though. The "R" turnout was a big disappointment to many (me too, because I think it's hard as to impossible to undo some things, like Obamacare).

    However, I suspect a lot of stayed away from the polls simply because he was mormon, and had some vague idea that Mormonism is a dangerous (religion, cult, etc.) But did they make that on some understanding of why they stayed away? I doubt it.

  2. I don't think the majority of people stayed away due to Mormonism -- at least it wasn't the primary motive.

    Mitt and Friends did such a good job of alienating himself/themselves that the Mormon card didn't even have to be brought out (which was not ideal in my books, because it insulates future Mitt Romneys from vetting on something they probably should be vetted on).

    Nope, Mitt went down for other obvious reasons that are actually more dangerous and damaging to the GOP/conservative ideology. That Mitt's Mormonism was right down there at the bottom of it all, never really got it should have.


    instead, we're going to get more of this:

    and more of the myth that Mitt is a "good man" (which of course means his good Mormon principles will be touted over and over) and all that shit, which will keep people from seeing the truth, confronting reality, providing a true opposition to hoodoo guru feel good hocus pocus that has taken over everything