Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why The Republicans (Showing Off) Received Their Well-Deserved - And Self-Inflicted - Head Wound,...Pt. I

I promised not to laugh - and I won't - but a few words, now that these new political showboaters have stopped their cackling:

This was not a conservative loss. I'm a conservative and I stayed home. Mitt Romney is not a conservative. And many, if not all, of his supporters cannot claim to be conservatives either, because conservatives don't change with the wind - which is exactly what Romney's supporters did - I guess appropriately, considering the candidate. Still, to their eternal shame, I've watched, what I thought to be, staunch right-wing folks, sell out their every conviction for the chance to beat Obama (even hearing one former online ally/friend declaring himself a "whore" for Romney) and - simply put - no conservative would ever do that.

Conservatives know what we're about. We understand the difference between right and wrong, reality and fantasy, authentic and fake - and we stick to it. No temporary reframing can alter that. Only facts on the ground matter. And this is politics. Michelle Malkin calling Juan Williams a misogynist because Williams said Ann Romney's tale tales at the RNC sounded "phony"? It won't fly. Fact - Michelle Malkin will say any damned thing. Here's another such fact:

Mitt Romney was an awful candidate.

Everyone else will tip-toe around it, but TMR says the level of condescension that exudes from that man can only be measured in light years. He's weird.

And the fact so many were willing to overlook his weirdness is scary. Some conservatives. If Mitt Romney's your evidence America needs a dose of Mormonism, you're out of your fucking minds. On no drugs of any kind, the man was talking about "the perfect height" of trees. (Fuck whatever was wrong with him, what's wrong with you?) How did we go from that, and "Anybody But Mitt," to slobbering, desperate, petting in the backseat? I can't shake my head enough.

Another fact - Glenn Reynolds, Hot Air, Pajamas Media, Robert Stacey McCain, Ann Althouse, etc., were wrong and, even with most of their support, Mia Love lost, too - in Utah. It's a voodoo song.

And is this a good time to talk about R.A.P. - the Republican Affirmative-Action Program? I mean, I've heard Mia Love's stump speech live - in a more intimate setting - and I've met Mia Love and her husband. But I'm still wondering how and why her stratospheric rise is occurring. I've heard no brilliant ideas come out of her, no words of wisdom, or even much insight. Her career rivals Obama's, but with one major difference:

With the exception of Colin and Condy, Republicans keep bringing up individual black people the rest can't stand.

It's late for me - I'll be back:
"We carried you here to take care of Thomas, or to learn a trade when you're bigger - ain't no need for you to be reading, boy."
- a slave owner, from the film, Frederick Douglas: An American Life
[Emphasis mine,...]