Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking Two Steps Back (For That One Step Forward,...)

I still don’t like compassionate conservatism or its conception of the role of government. But given the election results, I have to acknowledge that Bush was more prescient than I appreciated at the time.
-- Jonah Goldberg, learning political lessons the hard way - which is better than not learning - and finally giving my boy his due. 

And then there's this - Hey GOP, Take The Palin Cure. 

Sigh. It may be too late for Palin now - she endorsed Romney - but, also, it's sad to see folks are only coming to my positions years later, and only after a defeat of this magnitude.

Why do people have to be so difficult? And what is it about self-enforced ignorance that's ever been so attractive? Sure, it made everybody feel good before, but how does it feel now? And how much more work do we have on our plates because of everyone insisting it be this way? I feel like a damned grief counselor:

 Doesn't anyone else understand being wrong isn't worth it?

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