Monday, November 12, 2012

There Aren't Enough Shopping Carts On The Internet

Glenn "Why didn't anybody show up?" Reynolds is an idiot - we know that. Further evidence? 

Today he agreed "the moochers prevailed” is an explanation for Romney's loss "you can’t discount." 

Oh yeah, Glenn? Here's another - better and more accurate -  explanation: 

 Conservatism is fine - conservatives with ethics are better - and so we're just not that into you.


Yes, I am enjoying watching the bad guys become cranks, immensely,...

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  1. LOL! Yeah, here's a tip for those oh so smart and savvy people (from a hillbilly, who they'd likely look down their nose at because I don't sip the latest trendy whiskey while wearing $700 shoes lovingly provided for me by my country club attending hubby):
    Want to win? Next time don't toss up an unprincipled, delusional weirdo, poll whore and then beat your tin pot for him (because he's got cash, thus he's obviously the most electable), thus buying into his hypocrisy, delusion, and general would also help if he at least presented an image of the thing your side is supposed to stand for...and don't act like nasty little fascists, if, on the offhand you learn nothing from this and try it again and get the same results: people not being into you.
    Oh, and morality, integrity, and ethics are also nice things as well -- might want to try those on for size (if you can be truthful enough with yourselves to actually do this).


    Nah, that advice probably falls on deaf ears doesn't it?