Friday, November 16, 2012

TMR's Post-Election Twinky Defense Of Ann Romney's Homeopathy Use: I'm Hiding An Affair With My Arrogant Biographer After Attacking Israel For Pagan Rave Music (And - If I Had A Wife - Nobody'd Really Care Anyway,...)

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It's no accident I feel like John Lennon these days, trying to coax Mia Farrow's sister out of her NewAge stupor with "Dear Prudence." So many folks can get really deep into their delusion:

“Accepting Christian belief makes one a Christian, no matter what one calls oneself"
-- Reuven Hammer, having sects with me, in The Jerusalem Post.

May I add, accepting cult belief makes one a cultist, no matter what one calls oneself? That, say, a Tom Cruise, Mitt Romney, Ann Althouse, or Glenn Reynolds, can deny it until the cows come home, but it's what they espouse and promote that determine the call - not their denials?

Why yes, I may - I think I may indeed.

I mean, are those four people mentioned above opposing the Temple of Witchcraft, or are they standing for and defending (in order) following a con man, following a con man (occultism and self delusion), conspiracy theories and quackery? Seriously:

Take away the trappings - and their denials - and what makes them different from Glenn Beck?

And - no matter how near or far they are from the truth - I still love that everyone's denying everything. Further - if Romney's "Gifts" Remark Ignores His Own Fatal Flaw - why aren't his supporters also getting hammered? It was they who decided not to vet the man. Now they want to talk, like they and their cockamamy strategy had nothing to do with his loss.

I've accepted my role and responsibility, but they don't have to? Incredible logic there.

But I know the game - reality's working - so no, none of this is an accident at all. 

Nor does it bother me:

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