Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recognizing Why Romney Was As Wrong As Recycling

Here's the latest headline that goes with this old Bill Maher clip: 

Screwing over the livelihoods of "little people" - by raising prices and laying off workers - for Mitt's white slacks, golf-course-on-your-property, believe-what-you-want-to-believe crowd. That's not "restoring America" - it's a bunch of Mormon assholes taking advantage of our ignorance.

And, more importantly, our good intentions

That's how NewAge "works." 

 That's all it ever was,...

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  1. Well, yeah...and now the delusions are sprouting up all over the place and getting stronger.
    Many of Mitt's supporters (thought they did not support him during the primary; didn't even like him) are more than willing to follow this failed candidate over the edge: anyone who didn't vote, or voted against Mitt showed themselves to be fake conservatives (perhaps working for the "other side" even)...and they are somewhat supporting these ridiculous revenge layoffs and the even more ridiculous secession petitions.

    And Mitt Romney losing this election -- a man who by no means could really ever be described as conservative or republican -- has become the catalyst for all of this.
    If I hadn't just gotten done following a link to this:

    [and I've been blocked or kicked out by FB "friends" who are all in on this idiotic secessionist crap after darling Mitt, savior of America(!) lost, and thus " true patriotic" Americans should rally...Christ!]

    I would be shaking my head at the immense irony. Instead I'm...well, upset.
    And afraid that if this shit keeps up more people are going to be hurt, hurt worse than what is already happening.
    This is some ugly bullshit going down; very ugly indeed -- kinda hoped (still hope) my country can dodge the bullet, but I'm afraid it might not.
    And I'm afraid my temper isn't going to be able to hold up much longer.