Sunday, November 25, 2012

Later, Baby: Big Chief Play With Magic Box Right Now


 Didn't I tell you NewAgers were coming with ObamaCare? Here's another knock at the door:

Licensed naturopathic physicians should play an integral part in patient access to alternative medicine within the Federal Healthcare Law (Obamacare) as they serve as primary care physicians within the complementary health care field. 
With Americans spending over $34 billion dollars spent annually on alternative medicine, the inclusion of licensed Naturopathic physicians would offer patients the option of seeking alternative medicine care covered by insurance AND provide access for those currently unable to afford care. 
Licensed Naturopathic physicians are able to diagnose and treat both acute and chronic disease and are experts in nutrition, herbs, and other holistic therapies.

"Experts" my ass - you're quacks - now shut up before somebody hits you with a blasphemy law:

"Blasphemy laws are very strange because they can be both very silly and also very sinister. They are very silly because you are talking about crying statues and moving statues or Virgin Marys appearing in tree stumps in Co Limerick. But on the other hand these type of laws are used in Islamic countries to jail people or sentence them to death. Or in Sanal's case facing a jail sentence for his work exposing bogus miracles. 
The Irish government should pay attention to Sanal's case and realise they must get rid of this absurd and dangerous law. Because we shouldn't be so smug in Ireland. After all, we have had the hysteria about moving statues and a man bringing people to a shrine in Co Mayo so they can look at the sun and see the Virgin Mary."-- Mick Nugent, Atheist Ireland, on how East and West come together "spiritually" to crush people

Such a distorted perspective, yet no one will do anything, just let it run rampant. Treat it as normal, stick pins in your eyes. "Get back to it" is the universal message. Or is that "Get Back To Where You Once Belong"?

It's a loser, whichever way it goes,…


  1. Oh bloody hell; they are quacks...quacks that will now be allowed to go even more mainstream (and paid for with tax dollars).

    It's at times like this that I want to say "fuck all" and become a faith healer...I don't know what faith I could be using to heal from, but I'll put on a real good show for the stash I get.
    At least that way I might make enough money to send my kid to the very best of real doctors and not have to worry about out of service providers and all that crap (which will now include alternative healers). Hell, I could get so big I could become the next Pat or Oprah...hob nob with folks like Mitt, just like they did to get started, just like they do.

    But I'd just be happy being myself; perhaps not such a poor fucking peasant that I have to rely on elderberry juice and other ancient nostrums from my grandparents/great grandparents time (back when there was little modern medicine and they were on their own to try and do the best they could with basically nothing).


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