Saturday, November 17, 2012

White Women Will Hate It When Women Rule The World


  1. Well, this is one white woman who isn't all that concerned (having had girls try to catch me out in the middle of one of these stupid situations -- there are certain things that are great equalizers -- especially if you aren't adverse to using them; works on men who decide to get stupid too; wish people would just learn to act civil towards one anther personally, but I digress). Then again, this is one white woman who never bought into the "if women ruled the world" crap in the first place.


  2. This post and the next one ("equality") make this white woman want to stay away from colored people.


  3. I've seen white people who can get into just this very same sort of fight (and brown people, and yellow people, and red people).

    While a person may know "their own kind" better and thus more readily avoid such situations, avoiding a skin color is not a sure fire method of keeping anybody "safe" (in fact, staying safe is a myth imhao).
    Making a conscious choice to avoid trouble is always a good idea, but sometimes trouble finds you and insists that you talk to it -- so then you're only recourse is to be prepared to tell trouble to switch right back and get lost (if possible)...but from the looks of things, people seem to be going out on a date with trouble, going home and looking at trouble's etchings after.


  4. GAinNY,

    That's cool. From what I hear, many of them aren't too crazy about you either.

    Personally, I like some of the lessons a warrior culture teaches us - like the artificiality of feminist laws. Do women need to learn the same social skills men do to survive? No - they need bullshit laws that allow them to say stupid shit without suffering the consequences men face - that's what passes for "equality" amongst the wimpy.

    It's a lie. And one we live with, to our shame.