Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Dear Mr. Trumble,...

My Dear Mr. Trumble,

First, thanks for the praise. It means a lot at a time like this.


Second, don't make me go Bluto - those trying to do so right now just look foolish.

Bill Whittle may be defeated. While not as guilty as others, he, too, was battling the fear of "vaginas being outsourced to China." A total waste of time if you ask me, because - no matter which side you were on - reality never dictated or indicated it was a fight that matters.

It was all noise. Maybe made manifest, but still noise.

Much of what conservatives are instructed to consider, framed as our betters want us to see/hear it, is of no consequence.. Liberals do it, too. Save the planet.

What's important isn't Bill Whittle's or any other right-winger's anger, as a consequence of their own misplaced judgement, but The Republican Party changing. The same holds for newspapers - they must alter their editorial positions or die. But they don't HAVE to die.


 So it's not "game, set, match." Our country's only 300 years old - rounded off. But, once again, it's (still) time to do that one thing modern Americans hate doing so much, and grow up. (David Petraeus, and assorted sluts, are you listening?) I'd suggest addressing the idiotic herd mentality the West has acquired, and it's various hysterias, and doing so directly. That would be a refreshing escape from the norm. Lot's of "bad stuff" would topple from it, carrying lots more with it - and it sure beats lying to each other, and ourselves, while expecting anyone else to go along with pretending Mitt Romney's normal.

Afterburner would be a great place to start.

But no, instead Bill Whittle - the man who did a piece on liberal KPFA and joked about their segments on astrology and numerology - he's defeated because I couldn't vote for a Mormon? Forget my principles - I didn't get the manual - but, assuming this conversation is conservative Republican to conservative Republican, exactly how much cognitive dissonance am I being asked to grapple with for membership? I mean - if it's going to stay like this - then, yeah:

I can get that from the other guys.

And what does it tell you, that I'm a Republican, but even I don't buy what "my guys" are selling? (I think the idea of Romney - a supplement peddler - being partially taken down by fraud is poetic,…) I just watched "my side" whore themselves out to the highest bidder - openly stating they were doing it specifically because he had money in this harsh economy - and thinking saying they had a good reason would be enough to, both, end all judgements and follow their example.

Not a chance.

It's time for the bullshit to stop, starting with pretending the narratives being advanced are the only ones available. Andrew Breitbart wouldn't stand for it and proved, every day of his life, it simply wasn't true. Just because Glenn Reynolds, Hot Air, or whoever else trades on his name, says something is news doesn't make it so. Nor is the situation as they say, now, merely because they see it that way.

They can't even figure out - much less accept - why they lost, which speaks volumes,…


  1. Then there's news of shit like this:

    WTF? I mean really, that's the only thing I can think of -- besides maybe reminding some Mitt supporters that this is the sort of thing (plus these state secession petitions) that people were picking up on (you know, the weird, crazy vibes) and they got turned off by it. Yes, this includes the Graham family -- I consider myself informed by my old church's teachings, but this is just crazy bullshit and needs to be called out. If I hear any more Allie Oop and the dinosaurs crap I'm going to get slap happy on somebody.
    Cut these crazy mofos loose and never let them back in again; whatever else don't give them a freaking unchallenged forum -- which they are starting to get. Purge the freaking crazy, at least do that!


  2. How are you sure that's her at the second link?

  3. That's what they are saying on some of the exLDS sites -- and the pictures from some of the news articles about the run over and the one on the second link do appear to be an exact match (and one of the first stories that broke used a thumbnail of the picture in the second link -- which could have been an editorial error, but then again, maybe not).
    I could be wrong, but it indeed looks as though these gals are one and the same (of course, it's always best to check any link provided and determine for yourself).
    For now it's circumstantial evidence until some source other than a person says differently -- but it's decent cirucumstantial, if I say so myself.


    Either way, between this and the secession crap and Romney not owning up to his own mistakes, and all the rest -- time to do some soul searching GOP, and grow up...they lost (Dems did not win) and have noone but themselves to blame (hanging with crazy people is one of the reasons why they did).

  4. The Mormon thing bugged me, but no more than the Trinity/Wright thing--because, at bottom, any and all religions sound like delusions. To me, it just seems it is difficult to compete with freedom when your fighting free stuff and Maroni was no bigger a deal than Saul of Tarsus.

    The tragedy we're witnessing today, Crack, is bigger than that--too big to discuss in 4900 words anyway.. I'm with you on the Bluto clip (and I needed that, because I was on the verge of giving up on politics, putting me head down and focusing on making money, and planning my escape)but it feels like there is no one left to rally.

    Was Mormon nuttiness the deciding variable? Maybe--but again, is that crazier that Reverend Wright's ravings?--and, more to the point, a deal breaker that requires we leap headlong into economic disaster? Again, maybe.

    One thing is certain, though. We're all going to pay for four more years in the Cult of O. You, me, Sandra Fluke, and friggen Carrottop. No one will escape this epic swirl.

    But make me laugh, and revived my will to remain in the game, so f Althouse and Reynolds and the talking heads (with the possible exception of Whittle, Klaven, Steven Green and Krauthammer. Thanks loads.