Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome To An Unbelievable World Of Illogical Cowards

See, for this gag to work, first they have to think ghosts are real. If they didn't, they wouldn't be scared, and that chick's in trouble. Here's the proper procedure:

Notice the ease-of-motion from What the fuck was that? to Whatever the fuck it is - I got it! The man is clearly a professional, ready for the rigors of life. A graduate of Reality 101:


  1. Lol. Some friends of mine purposely posted that first video to my wall, thinking I would appreciate it.

    Now I have something to post as well. Many thanks!


  2. You can't help but be startled by something like that. People going into haunted houses that they know are fake still freak out when startled... Still , it is a brilliant scam, although they are lucky no one punched out that actress or had a heart attack.

    And I love that clip of the guy punching the dude who jumps out of the garbage can.

    Thanks for posting it.

  3. You would think they would get they were being punked after a second or two. I wonder how many takes they took of that elevator. Were there people who did not freak out?

  4. I don't know, Crack. Seems to me your arguments apply to the too fast black guy too.

    He thinks something that looks weird is threatening, just like the women did.

    When the kid screamed, if the old woman had slapped her, would that have been the appropriate response?

  5. If somebody sneaks up on you and startles you, while it might not be the completely appropriate and civil response, the sneaker should likely keep in mind that they just might get that response from the sneakee nonetheless.
    In which case, if you call it up be prepared to deal with the outcome.


    A rather similar thing happened in my town with a kid who decided to prank a classmate by putting a ski mask on and doing the "boo!" at the family's back, sliding patio door -- he nearly got his head blown off when the Daddy went out there to confront whoever it was sneaking around his backyard with a ski mask on, scaring his wife and kids.
    Would have been tragic all the way around, but fortunately Daddy had a well trained trigger finger and good nerves (and the kid in question got his ass chewed, which his own stupid parents just thought was so mean of Daddy).
    Clear as mud?