Friday, November 16, 2012

Where's Everywhere, Haley? "Everywhere!"

“We’ve got to give our political organization a very serious proctology exam. We need to look everywhere.”
-- Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi, just trying to help.

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  1. Sigh...I can see from that article that they still aren't getting it.

    Would someone please throw some copies of a good history of the Republican party, some good biographies of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan at these folks and tell them to give it a good year of study? Maybe throw in some copies of the old GOP platform.
    This might help them realize where they are screwing up.

    Oh, and throw in the definitions of "integrity" and "weird"...with a reminder that they want the first and want to get rid of the latter. Maybe they'll get it in four years.

    You're right: conservatism isn't broken; in fact, it would do quite well if it was actually believed in (and we had people running who understood the history of their own country and party well enough to know what actually should be conserved) -- but this "politics as mass marketing scheme" these dunderheads are still stuck on is stupid...and it's not working.
    Because the Democrats already have their target market pinpointed and they have their pimp methods down to a science, as well as their con job worked out to a tee (for the most part, but it's starting to fall apart, and thanks to their loyal opposition, it's growing...GOP keeps this up and they'll have put themselves firmly in the same niche politically as artesian soda crackers or know, something only the Whole Foods crowd will be interested in (or can afford)....and they certainly won't want the mac n cheese, beans n wieners crowd coming in and wrecking their atmosphere (even though that's the largest growing group of Americans -- because we're all broke, thanks to D and R fancy soda cracker munchers).