Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And Part Of That Evolution Is Not Fixing What's Wrong,...

 The fact this message only has legs when spoken by a white guy speaks volumes:
"RAND PAUL: The GOP Must Evolve, Or Die."

Talk about clueless:

 Glenn Reynolds posted it - sheesh,...

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  1. Yeah, but I wonder what sort of evolution they're talking about. I know I have my ideas on how it needs to evolve; I'm pretty damn sure you have yours...but seeing as how this message only has legs if it's spoken by not just any sort of white person, but a specific type, I'm kinda doubtful they're going to listen to anyone else's ideas. I'm also pretty sure their ideas won't take other people's ideas into consideration at all: even if other people's ideas might, you know, have some legs to them as well.