Monday, April 22, 2013

The True Manifestations Of Belief (Can Be So Touching)


 Let's see, we've done sex and spirituality, so why leave out the results:
Margery Wakefield surprised us this week by sending us a new affidavit that she decided to put into the public record. 
We certainly remembered an affidavit she made in 1993. Margery had startling things to say about working as a volunteer for Scientology’s intelligence operations, the Guardian’s Office, back in the 1970s and early 1980s. 
Now, she’s revealed even more about her time in Scientology. And though she says it was difficult for her, this time she’s going public with a shocking part of her past: she says the Church of Scientology forced her to have six abortions during her time as a member. 
We told Margery that we felt honored that she’d allow the Underground Bunker to make her new affidavit public. We asked her for just a few words about her current situation to help set up her new document. 
“I live in Colorado. I’m a retired social worker. I’m an avid critic of the Church of Scientology. But I’m always willing to dialogue with anyone. Please give out my e-mail address. [ ] I can answer questions about the inner workings of the church,” she told us. 
We asked what changes she’s seen in Scientology since her affidavit from 20 years ago. 
“I don’t think OSA has changed much from the Guardian’s Office I worked in,” she said, referring to the church’s current intelligence service — the Office of Special Affairs — which replaced the GO after it was disbanded in 1981. 
“The management of the church is certainly different. I think that it’s more dangerous in some ways than it was 20 years ago. In other ways it’s less dangerous. So overall I think it’s about the same,” she said. “Their object is still to take over the world, to clear the planet. And they’ll go to any lengths to do that.”

 Gee, just like the Islamists - isn't that funny!

And yet, even with that openly stated goal, we let one exist amongst us - as though to say, sure, go ahead and give it a shot - meanwhile, we're hunting the other to death like the dirty dogs they are.


 I don't know why, but saying something - about not shitting where you sleep - seems relevant,..

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