Saturday, April 20, 2013

Remember Sly's Soundtrack Of America Going To Hell? BOOM!! Shakalakalaka BOOM!! Shakalakalaka BOOM!!!

Self-delusion is such a bizarre thing to observe - especially as a steady cultural diet.

Bush, and me, and the rest of us few - we never "got" it, right?

We're all One.

So everything you didn't imagine becomes unexpected

Especially whatever we said was "100%" on the way.

The difference, between 1 and 100, is huge - look it up, numerology fans.

You said we don't see the ugliness - as you created it.

Like the announcement you'll never stop doesn't mean you have to be stopped.

"Like cures like," right?

You're so invested in seeing yourselves as noble and brave - and as leaders.

Everybody's part of a show nobody paid to see. 

Hey - if you "believe" it, maybe someone else will, too.

But you can't fool everybody. We see what you are - and what you're doing.

It's become our entertainment.

Boston, of all places, is just the (gay?) bride's veil falling - again - perfectly:

Since the 60s, we've been subversively ruled by NewAge Hippies and their kids playing dress-up:

The self-proclaimed "spirits in the material world" driving us "back to the garden."

We must escape "Babylon" at all costs.

So that's what we're doing - with a bang.

The Law Of The Jungle.

Another obvious product of faulty design,...

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