Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Post Videos For Perspective (And To Save Our Lives,...)

I sincerely think of myself as a part of nature.

^^^^This was my first band^^^^ and, unlike others, we never left the city to find "nature".

We see wild and dangerous animals everywhere.

Because they "do the hyp-o-crite" I try to avoid them at all cost.

And does this sound like a night at Meadehouse, or what?
Yesterday my second wife fell in the afternoon 
Slipped into hysteria and talked about the moon
Well this was only temporary so the doctor said 
So I watched a football game and she went off to bed

There's just so much more than the rest can imagine.

This is an awful song, but I listened because he schooled Jay-Z, and It did make me laugh. It's rare you ever hear a woman singing about popping corks, ain't it?
I've been around the world and back
Seen a little bit of everything 

Heard a lot, learned a lot
On how to hit the spot, ding, ding, ding 
And if the price is right, I mean the night is right 
I mean the time is right, she'll do her thing 

And I know the price, night and time is right 
So dimelo, mami, don't play no games
If the "price" is right? Let the denials games begin! Lying bitches. Rappers tell everything:

Rappers and comedians - the truth-tellers - those are my folks:

People are the best part of nature - and nature did real people a solid,...

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