Tuesday, April 16, 2013

That's College: You Go To Learn - And Find Horndogs!

Is there any doubt why I see Ann Althouse - an American educator - as being part of the problem? Yesterday I wrote we need critical thinking in schools, instead, we get this:
"Show some respect for the conspiracy thinkers out there. And they are out there."

Yeah, she should know - she accused the American government of a murder cover-up, merely because one of the victims in Libya was gay - remember? While, at the same time, she and her crew were pooh-poohing anything substantive and factual about that, or (since he was running at the time) Mitt Romney's Jesus-will-rule-for-1,000-years-using-cold-fusion nonsense. Instead, she mostly told us what a handsome man he was - a handsome man wearing a head the size of Utah. 

Talk about having a distorted view of things. 

Honestly, between her "marriages" and her various (unforced) statements on the subject, I've seen much more evidence of what turns Ann Althouse on than makes her qualified to teach young people.

And - considering she also plays the feminist card - that's pretty "out there," alright,...

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