Sunday, April 21, 2013

How To Fight Terrorism: Wear Top Hats - Not Fedoras


Yes - I'm reusing a photo - and, alright, I know this already, too:

I always make a mistake by starting my intentional reading with Glenn Reynolds. 

Today he quotes his boss, Roger Simon, but that stupid hat's making Simon's brain hot:
"The Obama administration and most of those working for it have taken Islamic terrorism about as seriously as I am taking the Memphis Grizzlies/L.A. Clippers game currently on my TV — in other words, at best mildly interested. Not being a fan of either team, I could watch — I could switch to something else."

 It's nice to see Simon's got some perspective on sports, but on terrorism, the man's throwing BS at us and it stinks. Every day - that we hadn't been attacked since 911 - is a day Roger Simon wasn't praising anybody for being alive and well. How many plots have the FBI foiled? Now two brothers pull something off and he's all about why didn't they catch somebody acting weird?

I got news for you, Roger Ol' Buddy:


 There's 300 million of us and, from where I sit, we're all pretty fucking weird.


 Kinda hard for anybody to stand out, you know what I mean? 

But they try.


Now, it's not a secret I'm no fan of the Obama Administration. And it's also no secret I'm a bit disenchanted with my own "side" at the moment. And part of that disenchantment springs from the wrongheaded, unnecessary sniping that goes on, rain or shine, as though there's nothing more important for us to attend to. 

"Not good" Glenn Reynolds said, endorsing Simon's recap of the Bengahzi conspiracy theory currently running through the Right. Look in the mirror, guys. Roger Simon is sitting at home, taking his kicks at this administration, just as casually as his Memphis Grizzlies/L.A. Clippers game. 

I won't deny the Obama administration is taking a different approach to terrorism than I'm comfortable with (our previous discussion of drone strikes, alone, should tell the tale) but I certainly won't deny their effort. The FBI, especially, deserves that. 


I also agree too much slips through the fingers of regulators, but in a country silly enough to keep homeopathy in it's pharmacology - and it's selling nationwide - I think there's more-than-enough blame to go around. Simon says:
"Tamerlan, evidently , left quite a trail, from domestic violence to reportedly attacking an imam for holding up MLK as someone to emulate. Not exactly subtle. They were even warned about Tamerlan by the Russians apparently. 
The Feds must have been pretty clueless to ignore all this."

 So "must have" Tamerlan's friends and family. Hell, they were a lot closer to the situation than Russia and, somehow, were able to "ignore all this." Or not. They were probably dealing with it in the same manner, I'm sure, the FBI does from time-to-time: 

 The best they can. 


Sure, domestic violence is troubling, but hardly a terrorist act - or trigger for a terrorist investigation. And if you're not sick of the MLK whitewash this country indoctrinates us with (along with all the other BS it's intent on doing so) then I question your sanity. 

That leaves the FBI with the damning oversight of a single phone call.



 If you ask me, compared to everything the Right overlooked in Mitt Romney - and all the smoke Glen Reynolds blew for him - it's not the Obama Administration that's actually looking "pretty clueless" right now,...


  1. It's a fact that I don't like Obama -- and I don't like lefties and their worship of him (which may be the biggest thing I don't like or trust) and the way those hypocrites went after W like rabid dogs, gave aid and comfort to every crackpot conspiracy theorist who had an anti-American thought in their head for eight long years -- but just a little lesson for the right: acting like the left is not the way to go about it...nor is nominating a loser like Mitt.

    The one that's really ticking me off is so called conservatives falling for "how the police acted in Boston just shows that Obama wants to create a police state" -- now how is that different from some of the crap the left said about W? And the thing is: it insults those cops -- what did you expect them to do mofos? Go in like Andy freaking Taylor so you're feelings and sensiblities wouldn't get offended? I harsh on cops more than most people on the right (out here in Dogpatch they are not viewed as friendlies by most of the populace) -- but I can't expect those guys not to use every bit of tactical gear at their disposal in this, and I'm not even going to complain about that curfew...I didn't have my boots on the ground there; I wasn't responsible for the safety of Johnny Q. Bostonian and his family. But a lot of "conservatives" are bitching and in the process slamming the average folks because Obama is in office ...and if old Mitt had gotten into office, would the procedure have been any better? Would you be defending the same thing then?
    Left and right -- you're hypocrites and honestly I don't think many of you give a shit about America after all...either of you. Your damn political party/ideology means more to you than your country...screw that!
    You're not conservative or liberal -- you're fanboys and girls.

    Just a little word of advice from Beanpatch.

  2. Although no sympathy for the Terror Bros. and their family: every last one of them except that uncle appear to be Truthers and are claiming some sorta FBI/CIA/NWO (and of course tricky, tricky Jews) as having brainwashed/framed/brainwashed and then framed their two darling angels.

    So that gives me the sneaking hunch (hey, at least I label mine "hunches") that the family is just as dirty as these two fruits from the familial loins (or at the very least they knew very well what Jasper and Casper were up to and if not approving of it, at least didn't see a big problem with it) best grill them all, imhao.