Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm An American Now, So When Can We Get On With It?


I know, especially around the Althouse, there's this shallow practice of interpreting Drudge's photo placement for "hidden meanings" - like he's not Geekzilla in a fedora but some fucking News Oracle or something (What's with Right-wing whites in fedoras? Ask Roger Simon, maybe,...)  

(Since they're hung up on visuals, has anybody actually looked at Matt Drudge? What does that tell you? Has he ever actually said or written anything of any significance? Is he even capable of it?) 

This (supposedly-non-NewAge) ritual, of trying to understand journalism by reading Matt's tea leaves, revolves around Drudge's placement of photos (something I know a thing or two about) but never his words, though words are how he truly tells the tale:
"Bar Owner Threatens Graffiti Artists..."
Drudge didn't write that - he wouldn't - that would be too honest. Here's what Drudge wrote:
"Black Detroit Bar Owner Threatens To Use Deadly Force Against White Teen Graffiti Artists..."

Pure exploitation. And how stupid do you have to be to fall for it? Using Drudge's popular outlook, I'd say white feminist college professor-level, at least. (And we can't leave out Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit when it comes to spreading nonsense,....) Is it any wonder I'm sick of all of them? 

Matt Drudge, Ann Althouse, the idiots scrawling their names all over Detroit - every one of 'em?

I'm surrounded by morons.


I don't know about you, but I didn't wake up to have my chain yanked racially - and don't get a kick out of it. I also don't like that I can't get to the people who do it, nor can I get the ones, I can talk to, to change.

And I don't like the white Americans who act like I, and my skin color, are here for theatre. I don't like a lot of things:

My vision for this country - my country - is just,...different

I know dummies enjoy the stupidity of it all, but - sincerely - I ain't one of 'em,...