Monday, April 29, 2013

I Wish I Had A Gun To My Head Right Now (Homesick)

Ann Althouse (who actually reads The New York Times) posted this - here's the accurate version:
"People think of scientists as monks in a monastery looking out for the truth. People have lost faith in the monks, but they haven’t lost faith in science. My behavior shows the monks are not holy."
O.K., that's my version. Since I'm both "people think" and "people have lost faith," I'm sticking to it. 

Cue Ann's stupid readers:
"Well, duh. Look at the white robes. They are our modern priestly caste."
So, utilizing methods for revealing accurate evidence is like worshiping under the illusion of blind faith - because they both wear white coats. Riiight. Who let that fool out of the Monkey Cage? What? He's just the first to reply that way? Sheesh. 

I think I've encountered enough right-wing morons over there to last a lifetime. 

Ann also charmed me with this post:
"Resisting a robber who points a gun. A trend in the Bronx."
Now those are obviously the words of someone living an extremely sheltered life (and written like they don't think there's any other kind, while still bitching because she's a "woman" facing "danger," specifically from men - like women are no threat to anyone. Like I said, Ann rarely got out. She thinks having a gay son makes her "worldly." Just mind-bendingly ridiculous nonsense,...).

They're people who've never done anything but hurt others, who've never been anywhere shifty, never been outnumbered in physical battle. Who've never faced real danger, existential or otherwise, and never had to use their brain, Indiana Jones-style, to get out of it. 

You know, the stuff some of us faced so much it's called "my life".

But still, from their air-tight canister of existence, think they're the shit who should tell the rest of us how everything should go down because, long ago, they memorized some shit in a school others (like me) couldn't afford. 

That still doesn't prove they can think - and the overwhelming evidence suggests otherwise.


Shit, I've had more guns put to my head than I can count - many times by people wanting me to produce their records - and I'm still here. That's an accomplishment! That's thinking on your toes!

And one I've finessed many times. 

I like the people who act like they know the score:

This is religion.

We're alive, but apparently only to worship the walking dead.

Or the brain-dead.

The white, white-walled, and always NewAge blogosphere.

Really - after all I've seen and done - I think it's a set-up that's positively cosmic,....

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  1. This seriously makes me wish I could comment on that site.
    People really do need to get out and live a little bit more (and that does not mean going to more trendy restaurants or taking more vacations to see the cultural sights of Europe and Asia).