Monday, April 15, 2013

"You Can Catch A White Bitch With Fruits And Nuts,..."

I don't say it often enough but, as far as I'm concerned, part of what I'm fighting for is a better vision of the world. The thing is - it's a vision that includes me - and that's difficult for a lot of people to stomach. Boy, did I learn that during the last election. 

I see the narrow "path" the hippies have laid out for me and have no intention on following it.

I ain't NewAge.

And there are other ways to think.

The freaks never planned on Hip-Hop, for instance,  so now they've been screaming "You can't say this" or You can't say that" when they were formally proud of Lenny Bruce, and Berkeley, establishing that - yes - I can say any damned thing I want. 

They're hypocrites, stuck on "the path," strangely going in circles as if on a zen walk.

To show you what I mean, about a world that doesn't include me, I never hear my thoughts on gun control in debates on the subject, but - to me - they seem the most reasonable. I grew up around gun violence. But I wouldn't stop anybody from buying guns - that's not American. I would end the violence, though. How?

Teach critical thinking.

Teach it in schools, on T.V., in movies - drench the nation, not in what to think, but how to think.

What could be easier?

I'm being told what to think, constantly, but they'll never get in because I'm too fierce. It's a pointless exercise. I know what I think. What I point out, here, are examples of people not knowing how to think. The ways they wallow in shallowness, hypocrisy, narcissism, religion, and violence, all as a stop-gap against using the ol' noodle. We can do better. And it would be a beautiful thing.

It's the only thing that's going to make me a more "affable" person.

Contrary to what they (still) think, hippies aren't all that interesting, and for them to bullshit me - and assume I'll treat them with respect - is not critical thinking.

For those against gun violence, it's also a strange approach to getting it - basically saying I must smile in the face of people who are telling me things that are provably wrong. Is it any wonder I don't trust their smiles anymore? These are the evil turning smiles into weapons. And then demanding we don't resist. 

Anybody feeling cultish yet?

Get "the path" out of your heads. That's what's offensive. 

It doesn't surprise me that some people want to kill as many as possible, now, because all you are is cowards - bullying from within the comfort of a group. That's what hippies have always done. (Can't accuse me of that, can you?) It's not respectable. This society, operating the way it does, breeds it's violence - not gun manufacturers - and it's mostly those screaming for peace who are causing it.

So, if you want to end the turmoil, I say to teach critical thinking, and if not - fuck off.

And I'll go on catching those "smart and independent" women - with trail mix,...

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