Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stupid AND Proud (Awesome Combination In A Woman)


 If you'd click her tag, you'd know this comes as no surprise:
"Jennifer Aniston showed off cupping marks at a recent red carpet appearance, a sign that the 44-year-old actress is dabbling in alternative medicine. 
While appearing at a premiere of Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, Aniston was seen wearing a Christian Dior tuxedo-style top with slim black shorts, a sleek ponytail, and something else — cupping marks on her back. 
The circular marks on her back were presumably the result of an ancient form of alternative medicine known as cupping. This involves glass cups being suctioned to the skin to optimize blood flow."

As Aniston said in the (pretty good) cult comedy, Wanderlust, she "drank the Kool-Aid and then made some more and drank that, too." And BTW - after years of famously not being able to keep a man - her current love interest plays the backstabbing guru in that movie.


 Life imitates art, all the way,...


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  1. Perhaps someone should give her a copy of Orwell's "How the Poor Die"??? (I think that's the name of it...I'm not sure what Ms. Aniston's reading comprehension is like though).