Monday, April 29, 2013

Speaking As An Individual (It Sounds Kind Of NewAge-y)

Wanna see the similarity between the whole Transcendental Meditation racket, seen above, and Instapundit?  Robert Stacy McCain has an interesting observation:
"This network/community concept seems to have been lost by (or, more likely, was never known to) newer arrivals in the ‘sphere. The idea that each of us is contributing to a common project is not just some kind of “Stone Soup” idealism, but is in fact the only way to build any genuinely meaningful alternative to that pathetic exercise in groupthink we call the Mainstream Media…."
So Glenn's answer to the Mainstream Media's "groupthink" was to create a vessel for his own. And now they, too, are known for deception, manipulation, misinformation, and exploitation. Paraphrasing:

That Mitt Romney election was in-the-bag, now pay us for that marvelous insight - at, supposedly, no cost to yourself - unless you think losing the White House bore no cost.

Fools. Rush. In.

Listen to Ann spout it:

"I'm getting impatient with Tracy right now. I want to interrupt and say that blogs are a great format if you have a distinctive voice, and not just if you have idiosyncratic attributes — like gay, English, Catholic, and heretically conservative. The form — the blog — was so great, so powerful, so liberating, that many, many writers said me too, often pushed by an old-style publisher like the NYT that needed to have blogs to seem up-to-date. What made the age golden was the greatness of some blogs, like Sullivan's, not the sheer number of blogs at any given time."

Yeah, and as long as you silly, silly people - and not ideas - got there early enough to become the gatekeepers, saying who's "in" and "out". Listen to the loonie:

She actually wants us to go along with the suggestion that Andrew Sullivan - the weirdo who launched an investigation into Sarah Palin's womb - runs a blog of "greatness".

There aren't enough drugs on the planet to make that work. How can it?

Yesterday, when I was posting about gay men and NewAge, I could've been writing about Sully.

This is, specifically, why a blog about NewAge cultism focusses on the political blogosphere. They are as blind to themselves as the mainstream media is.

Point - I don't pick on Professor Jacobson.

It's a fact that Glenn Reynolds & Co. can't give me a fair shake, because I spotted - and spoke out about - their cultish nonsense from Day One. I was ranting about despising "groupthink" wherever it comes from - Left or Right - and saying I will never fit into it. 

Nor will I ever try. 

And, as Boomers,  this "community" of "groupthink" was destined to be their answer. 

In stepped Ann Althouse.

I was raising noise about their "clique," on her blog, and she told Glenn to link to TMR, probably to shut me up. People on her blog were listening to me then.

That's what big bloggers are afraid of. It has nothing to do with language or attitude - or else Ann would've gotten rid of me, long ago, instead of me leaving - it's attention going elsewhere. They can't shake down the rubes without 'em, can they?

Their mistake?

Assuming - by inviting me in - I couldn't see, and would stop saying, what they've been up to all along.

But, as Sojourner Truth said, ain't this a blog?

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  1. I used to like McCain's site -- until it got to the point last year when criticism of darling Mitt could get you a banning, because "for the home team!".
    Ah, no. Not when "for the home team" means going along with a con job, a really bad con job too.
    So much for that First Amendment, free speech stuff (and might I add pretty damn hypocritical of them to go parading around as defenders of truth and liberty...while telling people they'd better say approved things or shut up...or suffer consequences).
    I've completely lost any esteem I had for the "right-o-sphere" thanks to that.