Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog Death/Rap Death (A Hitler's Career Is In The Toilet)

From Run-D.M.C.'s "Dumb Girl" to Trooper York talking about one:
"Well we have another screed from cloud cuckoo land and it is a doozy. 
It seems that the evil blogger lady wants to continue to pick a fight with the Instanerd and his wife. Not satisfied at losing her comments section and most likely all the links thrown her way that put her on the map now she is doubling down with her patented blend of pomposity, condescension, bile and wrongheadness. 
At least she acknowledges that she would have been in the middle of shitstorm if she still had comments as the 'right wingers' who came to her site from Instapundit would inundate her with push back. Which she could not deal with. She took the adult approach of putting her fingers in her ears and saying she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She just says that the Instanerd is wrong but he doesn't want to admit that she is right. So there."

From Run-D.M.C.'s "Mary Mary" to The Evil Blogger Lady's coverage of the evil blogger lady:
"Well the thoughts that Ann's most recent meltdown were sparked by her recent interactions with Glenn Reynolds (and not her commentators) are mostly confirmed: 'I could say: I guess [Reynolds] doesn't get it. But I suspect — as my linked post insinuates repeatedly — that he knows I'm right, and he doesn't want to have to say it.' 
Well that is some hardcore circular reasoning!"

From a sniper, right before he kills, to PW's "Who Goes Nazi?" game of 1941:
"It is an interesting and somewhat macabre parlor game to play at a large gathering of one’s acquaintances: to speculate who in a showdown would go Nazi. By now, I think I know. I have gone through the experience many times—in Germany, in Austria, and in France. I have come to know the types: the born Nazis, the Nazis whom democracy itself has created, the certain-to-be fellow-travelers. And I also know those who never, under any conceivable circumstances, would become Nazis. It is preposterous to think that they are divided by any racial characteristics. Germans may be more susceptible to Nazism than most people, but I doubt it. Jews are barred out, but it is an arbitrary ruling. I know lots of Jews who are born Nazis and many others who would heil Hitler tomorrow morning if given a chance. There are Jews who have repudiated their own ancestors in order to become 'Honorary Aryans and Nazis'; there are full-blooded Jews who have enthusiastically entered Hitler’s secret service. Nazism has nothing to do with race and nationality. It appeals to a certain type of mind. 
It is also, to an immense extent, the disease of a generation—the generation which was either young or unborn at the end of the last war. This is as true of Englishmen, Frenchmen, and Americans as of Germans. It is the disease of the so-called 'lost generation.' Sometimes I think there are direct biological factors at work—a type of education, feeding, and physical training which has produced a new kind of human being with an imbalance in his nature. He has been fed vitamins and filled with energies that are beyond the capacity of his intellect to discipline. He has been treated to forms of education which have released him from inhibitions. His body is vigorous. His mind is childish. His soul has been almost completely neglected. 
...Believe me, nice people don’t go Nazi. Their race, color, creed, or social condition is not the criterion. It is something in them. Those who haven’t anything in them to tell them what they like and what they don’t-whether it is breeding, or happiness, or wisdom, or a code, however old-fashioned or however modern, go Nazi. 
It’s an amusing game. Try it at the next big party you go to."

And it ends with a Rapper, shot by a Nazi, who I bet - unfiltered - thinks just like Ann,...