Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benjamin, Please, There's No Shame In NewAge

"Everyone can believe what they want to believe". Isn't that the NewAge mantra? And doesn't "everyone" include people making WMDs, specifically, to "wipe Israel off the map"?

Or Al Qaeda demanding we be bombed back to the 13th century? Do we just let it go?

Or how about Oprah's full-throated endorsement of The Secret? It's a belief, right? Should we hold her to it? Or Oprah's full-throated endorsement of Obama as "the One" during the election? Lotta "hope" in there. How's listening to Oprah paying off for us now? Yea, I know:

You got a new car!

Dipping from the same well. "Medicines" containing nothing but water. "Healing" by waving the hands over a body. Thinking everyone else is going to stand still because you're "meditating" for "peace". There's no shame in believing in any of these things either - no matter how untrue they are, the damage they've caused, or the damage they continue to perpetuate - it's all about strength in numbers, the ruthless pursuit of power, keeping your thumb on the scale, and the willingness of sheeple to allow it.

Ain't no shame in their game. It has to be stopped. That's all NewAgers respond to. That's all NewAgers "listen" to.

That's the only way.

(Ooh, I know: deep.)

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