Friday, September 25, 2009

Wicca 101: Stay Stupid

"We started by learning some basics about energy.  First how to see it around your own hands, which most accomplished on their first try. Then we explored one way to feel it, which I explained in this blog earlier. Almost everyone, I think everyone, could feel it rising off the top of another's head.   
More interestingly for the skeptics, almost everyone could feel when a person passed their hands rather far over the top of their head. These exercises demonstrated better than any book could that we are enmeshed in fields of energy that come from everyone and every thing."

-- Gus diZerega, a Wiccan who don't need no stinking "books" - he thinks "some things just need to be said" - which doesn't even make sense after he's said it, on A Pagan's Blog.

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