Monday, September 21, 2009

French Socialists: Giving It That Ol' Obama Try

"Ségolène Royal, the Socialist runner-up in the last Presidential election, gets flakier by the day. Followers still see her semi-mystical persona as the best hope for the self-destructing French opposition. Others see her as a fading diva. She did little to help herself this week with a revamped internet site.

Hoots of laughter greeted the launch on Tuesday of the new-look home of Désirs d'Avenir, her personal brand (screen grab above). Cheesy and old-fashioned, it looked like something invented by a cult."

-- Charles Bremner, using all the right words ("spaced-out", "flakier", "mystical", "self-destructing", and, of course, "cult"***) to earn a spot on this blog - it ain't that hard - because those words clearly reflect The Times Online.

***Hey - you never know: They worked on the Democrats!


  1. evokes "office supplies," not "cult" - to me it looks like any bland DB-driven text-heavy site, really.

    Is there some sort of secret code embedded in the site's design elements that only you can see?

  2. Um, if only I could see them, I wouldn't be quoting someone else, would I? You need to investigate cultish thinking, and cult marketing, more - try the tags for Lulumon Athletica and see where they take you.

    There's obviously a whole lot out there that you don't see - which is the point of the whole enterprise.