Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sounds Like A NewAge Of Common Sense To Me!

"Rape-rape". O.K., yea, that's a really bad example, but slowly, yes,...slow-ly,...much too slowly,...reality is making an inescapable comeback. I can see it in more and more places, in articles on too many subjects, like this MSN Health & Fitness quote, that begins with a reminder of what is:

"In reality,...lemon juice is not a meal, and taken to extremes, cleansing is anything but healthy. Nor is it an effective way to drop pounds for good. To reach this contradictory healthy-skinny ideal, L.A. ladies have developed some disordered techniques that cross old-school self-starvation with New Age mind-body rhetoric. And these techniques will probably land in your town soon—if they haven’t by now."

Reality vs. NewAge. Whoda thunk it? That writer, Janelle Brown, might be on to something.

So how real is this new real? Real enough that it ain't moving out the way for our NewAge con man, so you can guess it's pretty real:

"The White House is a risky place for on-the-job training, as Barack Obama and the rest of us are learning. But the president doesn't deserve all the blame for the installation of a handsome but unprepared matinee idol in the toughest job in the world. The adoring cult, the 53 percent of the giddily oblivious electorate that took a flyer on Election Day, deserves most of it.

Matinee idols only do what matinee idols do, look pretty and inveigle softly with practiced seductiveness. Trouble arrives when the matinee idol and his public confuse role with reality. Reality arrives with the surprise and impact of a lemon-cream pie in the face."

-- Wesley Pruden, who, despite the fact I'm sour on it, is not - I repeat: Not - leading me to some kind of lemon-inspired anti-NewAge speechifying; at least, not without mentioning The Washington Times.

And let's not forget the only French president I've ever thrown my support behind, Nicolas Sarkozy (of all people) lecturing our president Presto/Change-O that "we live in the real world, not in a virtual one", huh?

If you ask me, this whole Realityfest is all adding up to something,...

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