Monday, July 8, 2013

When Glenn Reynolds Wrote "I Feel Like [Ann] Doesn’t Really Get It" That Meant Everybody Else Was Wrong

Remember yesterday, when somebody called me a nigger? Did I make a demand on my (other) readers for that? Wouldn't make any sense, would it? Especially with the tone we take, online, right? Now compare, as Ann Althouse's online saga continues, and she's gone into full flaming bitch mode:

After days of calling her readers "losers" and revealing an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance (at one point, our self-appointed "gay" marriage activist actually started arguing against it, without noting she'd done so, saying traditional marriage was "the backbone of society") she then declared she was out to "kick ass!" on anyone disagreeing with her, before cowardly shutting down all comments, except those screened by her very own loser, Meade.

And get this - she took that action after assembling a comment poll that also didn't provide the answer she wanted.

But the best part is, she's now started angling for reader apologies, like she didn't start all the crap!
Has anyone said: I'm sorry? 

The people who destroyed it wanted to destroy it.

We figured out the concept of bad faith, but there was so much of it. 
I'm incredibly sad about the good people we hurt, but I cannot face the pain of the destruction caused by others.

No one has said: was it me? Did I cause this pain?

That in itself hurts me more than I can say.

Yeah, nobody said that - including herself!

The pain must be excruciating.

It's probably one of the most insane public displays I've ever seen, and I've seen some doozies!

But not from law professors.

Ann's NewAge politics have something to do with how twisted she thinks after all.

Anyway, I just wrote to she and Meade - in what they now find to be an unacceptably hostile manner - reflective of Ann's own hostility, of course:
Yeah - Glenn Reynolds was publicly chastising you because we owe you an apology. Hilarious. 
Keep digging, Losers. 
And yes, I will post this on my blog so, if you decide not to post it, I can show exactly what kind of terrible, terrible comments (comments!) you're running from, you two pathetic NewAge cowards. 
Now - stick that in your pipe and smoke it,...

I doubt they will post it, thinking - since so few people visit here in comparison - nobody will see the messages Ann doesn't want them to see. It's all strategy, you see. ("Site Meter shows no drop off")

Sometimes, Althouse sincerely makes me wonder if Naziism is passed in the blood,... 


  1. I think they're both kinda nuts. Pass the popcorn and the tequila.


  2. It's amazing:

    They're actually over there, apologizing.

    Will wonders never cease,....

  3. Figures. Popcorn? Patron? Both?