Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ann Althouse's Blog Is Now Comin' Apart At The Seams

"This is a bit of insider blogosphere baseball, so if you aren't into it, that is perfectly okay."
That's how The Evil Blogger Lady is describing the collapse occurring at the Althouse, where the comments section has been shut down (and then further altered) after several days of Ann's feminist abuse - and then a rebuke from everybody, including her online benefactor, Glenn Reynolds.

I agree, you don't have to care, but - if watching a pillar of online feminism willingly dig her own grave is your idea of fun - you should crack a PBR and read the cow's excellent synopsis of recent behind-the-scenes events, which involve Ann's "second" husband, Meade, smearing some outstanding personalities, like our old friend Trooper York.

Really, go - it's good stuff: 

 Watching the insane maneuvers of two NewAgers, merely to avoid saying "we're wrong" to a group they attracted, can be laugh-out-loud funny,...


Catch up on the latest in this sorry tale by clicking here.