Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is It Too Late To Suggest Cons Get Sober On Politics?

What's wrong with this discussion? Something's missing. Something - to his credit - I don't see Obama forgetting:


It's interesting that, because Obama is a domestic failure, he's also seen as a klutz in Middle East policy. The truth is, that's been one area where he's brilliantly following the U.S.' long-term strategy, to-the-letter. I don't know what Bush told him, or the Pentagon, or the C.I.A., but - whatever it was - he listened. 

It's a reason liberals distrust him - and their distrust is a reason conservatives smell political opportunity where they shouldn't. Even with all our bickering, we shouldn't have to wait until something goes wrong, to rally together around a good idea. There should be times when the gamesmanship stops.

Risking our nation's interests, toying with a man, gains us nothing,...