Friday, August 23, 2013

You Wanna See Laziness? (It's Ben Affleck As Batman)

Since Batman is TMR's unofficial mascot, I thought about saying something on this casting decision, but had decided against commenting until I saw this:
Is Ben Affleck man enough to play “Batman?” 
Controversy erupted across social media networks when Warner Bros. announced Thursday the 41-year-old Affleck will star in the newest version of the Dark Knight, a movie that promises to bring Batman and Superman together.

Talk about a symbol of what's wrong with Hollywood. Who in their right mind would consider Ben Affleck to play Bruce Wayne? Isn't that kind of fucking with our memories a bit much? And not in a good way?

And what must Hollywood think of Dark Knight fans (the only reason the movies got started) to put an unabashed liberal in the costume, of an unabashed conservative crime fighter, liberals had labeled a "fascist" when shown in his original form?

You KNOW they were planning on doing their liberal hocus-pocus on our hero. Well, fuck them:

When it comes to my man, Hollywood can't just feed us anything,...

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  1. And I feel about the whole Ben Affleck/Batman as I do about the whole Ashton Kutcher/smart thing.

    Why? Don't think I'll be seeing it -- not even when it comes to Redbox.