Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Working On Women Is A Start (Now - About The "Men")

Gee, Crack, why do you attack those fine feminists, Ann and Meade Althouse, so often? Oh, I don't know - let a review of Dr. Helen Smith's Men On StrikeGlenn Reynolds' wife's book, explain it:
How did we get to this point? Among other causes, Smith points to a feminist movement that went from fighting for equality for women to advocating laws to privilege women at men’s expense. She characterizes men who collude in perpetuating this system as “White Knights” who instinctively support policies purporting to protect the “weaker sex,” and as “Uncle Tims” — her play on the iconic “Uncle Tom” character — who for their own gain embrace the noxious notion that men are inherently flawed and need to be constrained.

They do it "for their own gain" - that's our Meade! (He ain't known in Althouse circles as a "grifter" for nothing,...) But no mention of the unrelenting gay shit? Or the hypocrite men, like Reynolds, who attack feminism while giving feminists a platform?

We're definitely not getting comprehensive yet,...