Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Worst Thing A Black Conservative Can Be Is Black

Listen to Glenn Reynolds, thinking they've done something big, and like anybody gives a damn:

Oh SNAP! Somebody DOES give a damn! Like a fan of his who seems to have the partisan depth of a fish tank:
“AprilApple said... 

Black republicans are non-persons. 
August 28, 2013 at 7:38 PM”

Oh, Heavens! You mean it's happening amongst Democrats, too! Somebody make it stop! Yeah - blacks are non-persons, especially with the likes of those two, only trotted out when they have a point to make, usually benefitting themselves. (I don't even know who this black senator is so, clearly, making him known - before now - has been the Right's top priority, correct?) And, of course, they now want we "non-persons" to do what they won't, and wade into a black mob and start causing trouble. You know, like their hero, Allen West, would do if he was there:
“If yesterday’s luncheon commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington is any indication, it’s a version of traditional black conservatism, with its emphasis on community building and uplift. 
Organized by the Republican National Committee, this event was both a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, and a showcase for black Republicanism. The large majority of the attendees were African-American, and they included former congressman Allen West, T.W. Shannon (speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives), Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr.), and a large variety of party members and activists. 
Figures like West have made themselves famous by decrying the 'Democratic plantation' and attacking other African-Americans for their partisan affiliation, but that rhetoric was absent from the program.”

Hmmm. West seemed to have lost his nerve or something. Somehow - whether it's Glenn Reynolds or his readers and associates - I don't think that's the kind of "speaking truth to power" they had in mind.

I mean, I know from experience, they definitely don't appreciate it when they're the power being spoken to - well, they appreciate whatever means are at their disposal to shut it down (like their challengers are black senators!) - but they don't appreciate being put on the spot for THEIR nonsense.

Here's a few articles I found yesterday that Ol' Glenn Boy isn't informing anybody of, or trying to start any problems around, as he attempts to instigate some black-on-somebody violence, or something, elsewhere:

(BTW - I have NEVER seen an article about this problem going the other way - and I never will on Instapundit. "21st Century Relationships", anybody?)

None of which are worth the time of Glenn Reynolds, The Great White Informer, because he doesn't have an interest in telling us anything about being black while I know a lot about being white. (7 out of 8 people I see a day are white.) I see Reynolds' bullshit every day, and not even a third of what he's talking about holds any relevance for me, what-so-ever.

Which figures, considering,...

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