Saturday, August 31, 2013

You Go From Cold To Hawt But Getting All Hawt Is Best

I remember something about standing astride history yelling "Stop!" but all I see is confusion:
Where to even begin? Ms. Karasik relates her experiences being a 14 year old girl, saying that she and her classmates thought about sex just as much as the boys. She also goes on to claim that girls were having sex with teachers in high school and college and nobody really got hurt. She generously allows that teachers who are caught “having sex with” (i.e. raping) their students “should be removed from their jobs” but only until they complete “rehabilitation.” 
I remain puzzled as to how this managed to make its way onto the pages of the Washington Post, but it has.

Here's someone else from the same article:
How is society “damaged” by protecting children from predatory teachers? Karasik doesn’t actually say, other than to imply that Morales might not have committed suicide had the criminal case not been pending. Despicable. Oh, and maybe students would be more likely to discuss sexual issues with school counselors. 
I repeat, this was published in the Washington Post. How low can we go? I am afraid we are going to find out.

Does any of this sound like "Stop!" to you?

Why's about the only thing I haven't figured out yet,...

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