Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You've Got Experience - Mine's Black - And That's Weird

"I came up with Ruckus before the Tea Party, and before Herman Cain. But in the post-Obama era, half the country became Uncle Ruckus. The world is more polarized and extreme. Ruckus embodies that. I remember watching CNN when Herman Cain was the frontrunner for the Republican party, and they did a segment on whether Herman Cain was Uncle Ruckus. [Ed. note: This segment is no longer available online.] They brought in an expert and had pictures of them side by side... I couldn’t believe what I was watching. When Ruckus was first introduced, he felt like a funny, fringe character. He was bizarre and really extreme. Now, he feels like he represents a lot of right wing ideology. It’s crazy, but the times caught up to him."

"Police said Vincent Bright is religious and took the body in hopes his father would be resurrected."

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  1. Holy crap, that Benz spot was disturbing but funny (but really disturbing).