Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Fair Process? Wilson Washed Blood From His Hands

One black kid down, one to go - no witnesses - no sweat

 - Ann Althouse, joining "close friends of Darren Wilson" in trying to pin a little "colorblind" justice on Michael Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson (above) right after she did a post belittling, both, Ta-Nehisi Coates and President Barack Obama

She only responds to flattery - and Jim is full of it 

 It's not a new thing, Jane asking Jim Crow to dance for white's amusement, though - white's feminism or not - they're still doing that same quick (but graceless) cross-toe step, they insist it'll take decades of black performing "geniuses" to undo:

Later, this became a white guy with his ballcap backwards, wearing oversized shorts and saying "Wassaaaap?" 

 Whites laugh and celebrate the aesthetic injustice, clapping their broken beat that confuses black performers, while perfectly matching the grotesque and cynical movements they prefer onstage:

Jim says TMR's a "hate" site for not standing with those who like this kind of "humor" 

 Somebody says "justice" and the mob roars it's approval, assured by American "law professors" and grand juries alike there's no such thing, and so none need worry: they can party all night - as loudly as they want - under white supremacy, there's nothing to stop them:

Who's watching The Watch Men?

 They'll sway to give thanks for black's lives of misfortune - whether they've "missed fortune" or "miss fortune" brings guffaws - the point being there's nothing funny at all:

Some people simply "don't care" about the company they keep 

Nothing funny about white folks dancing, without any sense of rhythm, to jealously mock blacks for having it - along with a street-level real-world understanding of whites and what makes them tick:

"I don't think like this - I just vote with the guy!"

Sure you're right - him and a whole lot of other people - like crazy white ladies looking for a cheap thrill:

 Rest assured: TMR doesn't assume anything of the kind:

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  1. You find a few racist images in the internet and try to make an argument that reflects all whites. Who do you think you are, Charles Johnson?

    But you are right about Ann not arguing in good faith.